Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Secrets of a Seventeen

It’s a sunny day and the girl has to go to the subdivision where she will take her first swimming class. Wearing her tight jeans and baggy blue shirt she walks carelessly to the streets then raises her hand to block the sun’s rays from her eyes. The walk seemed to exhaust her so when the girl finally arrived inside the subdivision she search for a tree to rest on. “I made this so far?” she says to herself. It’s been a long time since she walked this far. The girl lies down with a groan because of her aching feet.
She is too early for the lessons so she imagine things again just like she use to do when she has her free time. But the imagination now is different. Not all about the books, famous authors, crushes, enemies and many more. Instead, she think of about her life. “I’ve gone this so far, longer as I walked this morning” she thinks.
 The girl first remember the funny story of her mother when her mom gave birth to her. It’s the 12th day of august and her mother don’t know what to do, sweating and panting, her mother come back and forth to the comfort room from the bed because she don’t know if she will gave birth or she just having a diarrhea. Her husband is not around because that time the husband is busy at work. So the neighbor checks her out because she is making noise. The girl’s mother is fortunate because their neighbor is a veteran midwife. It all turned out good and a baby girl came out at around 7 pm.
The girl smiled unintentionally because of what she remembered. This baby grow charmingly and admired by everyone. Neighbors and relatives keep on picking her up. But as the year goes by, the charming little baby had a boyish mind-set influenced by her brother. The girl played wrestling then, brutal pillow fights and also chased by a dog with a bunch of little boys including her brother. When she was acquired at school she was involved in fights year by year. Even if it’s a boy or a girl she never surrender until she reached grade five because that was the most wicked fight  she got involved. A fight with a gay. The face of her classmate got crumpled and got bruises, she doesn’t remember anymore if that one got a black eyed. But behind this manly outside of this little girl also had her despairs. Her birthday is August 12 before her cousin. So the family never got a celebration for her because they use to celebrate her birthday with his cousin. The girl never felt her birthday so every year she always wishes a spaghetti exactly on the day she born.
As she enter the high school life, her mother reminded her not to get in trouble anymore. So that’s what the girl promised. During her first year she really hates how she was called by her last name. She get irritated and ignore those who called out her like that. But aside from that, unfortunately, she got engage in a trouble again. Much worse than before. It’s a teacher. And that was her (teacher) birthday. The girl was accused for mocking her teacher behind her back. The teacher cry out the girl’s last name clearly with emphasis. Even though the poor little girl didn’t do that she never give her a chance to explain. Instead she was sent out and brought to the very last section upstairs. The teacher’s bright red face, terror the girl that she imagines that her teacher will blow a fire onto her. But the girl patched things up and wrote a sorry letter to her teacher.
The girl  changed a lot when her friend introduced to her the word of God, since then she became a very devoted girl. Her devotedness does not reflect on her because she doesn’t too much talk about God but she use to think about a God, thanking Him. And she became more close to God when she enter a Dominican School. She transferred at third year and find new friends.
The girl had a habit of eating “proben” and “kalamares”(Filipino street foods) as a merienda with her friends and batch mates. It is their food every late afternoon while resting. The girl’s day never complete without it.  aside from those food she really never fail to eat chocolates and sweets. She enjoyed her high school years. She joined the c.a.t. program, attended the JS prom and retreat, lastly the graduation.

She remembered who she was then. A girl who always involve in fights, got addicted to the color violet, laugh so aloud, really love spaghetti, kalamares and proben and a girl who has a lot of dreams and has huge trust to GOD and this girl is “ME”.
Upon reminiscing this moments, I slowly falls to sleep. But suddenly someone poke me at the head. It’s my classmate. “get up! Get up! What are you doing here? we’re late!”  l stand up and run hurriedly with my classmate.
yeah! this is me! don't bother if it's too formal.


  1. Sis!!! I love your blog :** Keep up the good work :D

  2. You have remarkable storytelling skills! Keep writing and improving your craft, you'll go a long way with it. :)

    Hey, I might use this entry for a class activity, if you won't mind. Thanks!

  3. nice story is it really your work ?? how wonderful :)) keep it up

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