Sunday, 18 September 2011

Who i am in the net world

Who I am in the net world? i can say that this have been a part of my life, just like a typical teenager who use to check my profile on and on even though there is no change at all. Yeah, I am used to that, but maybe as myself, I have my difference among the others. as they say “everyone is unique in their own way”.  Well, here it goes. I have only one social networking site which is facebook, obviously. I don’t have multiple accounts in any other because I constantly forget the e-mail addresses, sometimes, the password and so many stuffs, if ever I have one, maybe I draw on there for less than a week. So don’t wonder if you will found out that I have many of these (unused accounts). That’s why I decided to have only one. Aside from Facebook, I also visit YouTube, Billboard, game sites and Google. It’s pretty clear that I really have to visit Google, because that’s where I can find most of the things I have to know. Actually I go at Google frequently than Facebook. I don’t have a good access in many sites, what are good, what are fun, etc. so when I googled my name there are only three results, it’s what I expected because of my net background.
But so far, our professor recommended that we must have these digital tools for the benefit of us also, so I created a twitter, this blog, a Gmail account and another account to a site under our school. At first I am very stressed when I heard about it, “ugh! I have to remember all of this!” But our teacher explained the advantages we can get from it. For example the “Google cache,” I really don’t have the clue what on earth this was. But when I knew about it, it sounds very helpful and maybe funny also, because it can bring back the hilarious things happened in the internet.
Up to now, I am still adjusting with this so many sites, there are times maybe, that my friends get annoyed when I ask, “what is this?, what it is for?, how will I gonna do this?” stuffs like that. But I enjoy learning with them, they teaching me new things that I haven’t known before. So I am hoping that it’ll gonna work out .

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