Friday, 21 October 2011


What is a church? Well, typically a man would likely say that this place is solem, holy and a place to worship. People nowadays is very pressured to be successful in life. We are eager to outstand from others and weaken them. Maybe it hurts to here this but this is the truth. Upon achieving this dreams, spritual aspect loose its attention. But most of the Filipinos, maybe, for me, are out of this. Faithfulness is a very big deal.
Our little community, maybe, is a very good example. We a had a very small chapel, way back two to three years ago. The chapel only held a mass for especial occasions like Christmas, New year, etc. So the officials bought a new lot and bulid a new church. Though it is not finish yet, people use to go there to attend mass and a very generous Priest use to go there every Sunday morning to hold a community mass because the church haven’t get any resident priest. Even though the cruch is not very big to accomodate more than one hundred people because of the rickety chairs from the previous chapel, people of our community patiently stand until the mass ended. I realized how religous Filipinos are. I feel really glad to see them exert an effort to have more faith to God. Having a strong faith to God affects tradition, culture and values. A very good example  is the “Misa de Gallo” held every sixteenth night of december until christmas eve.  Even though not obligde, people use to go in the church in late evenings just to worship and praise the Lord, and in return their wish would be granted if they competed the nine nights in a row which is generally part of our culture. I am overwhelmthat Filipinos has a great faith to the Lord through thick and thin.

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  1. nice post church is a place where you can find peace :)) always go to church every Sunday hehehe